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'You ought to take an umbrealla' =Must?Should?Could?Must not?

Last week we looked at antonymns (opposites).  Today we look at synonyms: words which have similar meanings.

Read through the example sentences and choose the word which is the best match. 

  • Immediately:'We should leave immediately'.

  • Massive: 'The city is full of massive buildings'.

  • Display:'She doesn't usually display emotion'.

  • Ought to:'You ought to take an umbrella. It looks like rain'.

  • Retain: 'Saying something three times helps you to retain it'.

  • Stuff:'Someone left their stuff in the car'.

  • Ambition:'My ambition is to start my own business'.

  • Required:'All passengers are required to show their passports'.

  • Prevent:'To prevent accidents, helmets must be worn'.

  • Frequently:'I frequently drink orange juice'.