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reading information on signs

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'Tell us what each sign means'

'BUY THIS!', 'BUY THAT!', 'DON'T' TOUCH THIS!,'DON'T TOUCH THAT!' Everywhere we look we can see signs telling us what to do and giving us information. But what do they mean? Let's find out!

Below you can see senetences taken from nine signs. Choose the correct meaning for each sign.


  • "You break it: you buy it"

  • "In case of an emergency break glass"

  • "For further assistance call 805"

  • "Vehicles parked at owners risk"

  • "The consumption of food and drink is forbidden in this area"

  • "Do not use lift in event of fire"

  • "High visibility jackets must be worn beyond this point"

  • "Three for the price of two"

  • "These premises are under CCTV surveillance"