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Want to learn new words?

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Let's see how good your vocabulary is and maybe introduce you to some new words. Try and match the key word to its closet meaning. There are four choices for each word; only one is correct. Good luck.

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  • beneath: "There are some magazines beneath the TV you can read."

  • lease: "They're going to lease a cottage for the summer."

  • mind: "Can you mind my bag for me?"

  • rage: "Stay away from Michael, he's in a real rage this morning."

  • vicinity: "There are no shops in the vicinity of the school."

  • affluent: "He comes from an affleunt family, he always got what he wanted."

  • acclaim: "It was a popular song. It receivded high acclaim from everyone that heard it."

  • amend: "Please amend this document and give it back to me when you are finished."

  • lead: "The dog was able to lead them out of the dangerous place into safety."

  • solo: "She used to sing in a band, but now she performs solo."