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Shop idioms

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Here some idioms which use the word 'shop'.  When you have read the article below, see if you can match the right idiom to the right sentence.

to talk shop

To talk about your job when you are not in work. Usually to discuss business in your free time.

'Whenever I go out with my co-workers we always end up talking shop.'

to shop around

To compare the price of something in different shops before you buy it.

'I really shopped around before I bought my new TV. I must have visited about 15 shops.'

to be all over the shop

To be disorganised. We also use 'all over the shop' to mean untidy / messy.

'I tried to ask them about their plan but they couldn't answer me. They really are all over the shop.'
'My brother's room is a mess. He leaves his clothes all over the shop.'

to shut up shop

This casual expression means a business closes down forever.

'Because of the increase in fuel costs the airline was forced to shut up shop.'

to set up shop

This casual expression means to establish a business.

'Last year Quick Coffee started to set up shop in China. They opened 25 new cafes.'

to be like a bull in a china shop

To do things without care. To have rough movements.

'My young son runs around our house like a bull in a China shop. He's always breaking things.'

  • It's important to ___ in different stores so you can get the best price before you buy something expensive.

  • I went out with these doctors last night. It got a bit boring as they ___ all evening.

  • The small store had to ___ when a large department store moved in next door.

  • I need to tidy up this weekend. My stuff is ___.

  • The bank agreed my business loan so we'll be ___ next month. I'll finally have my own business!

  • That's the second plate you've broken! You are ___!