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Quiz on Prepositions

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'Did you have a good time at the party?'

It's been a while since we practised prepositions, so let's do some. Take a look at the ten sentences and choose the correct preposition. What could be simpler?? 


Prepositions + 'ing'

Prepositions of Time

Mixed Prepositions Quiz

  • There was a beautiful painting ___ the wall.

  • The party should end ___ midnight.

  • I was standing ___ the top floor.

  • There is no need to get angry ___ me. it's not my fault.

  • Did you know that he is named ___ his grandfather?

  • That bag looks heavy. Let me carry it ___ you.

  • Sorry, he can't speak to you. he's ___ the telephone at the moment.

  • I will speak to him later ___ phone.

  • It doesn't look like that there is anyone ___ home.

  • I've known her ___ about 5 years.