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Prepositions Test

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Take a look at the ten sentences below. You will notice that each one is missing a preposition. Choose which one is correct for each sentence.

Prepositions are used before nouns, noun phrases or pronouns, connecting them to other words.

The best way to learn prepositions is to memorise their combinations. For example:  at school, written by, on Saturday.

At first it seems difficult to learn them, but don't give up; the more you look at them, the easier it becomes. There are rules regarding prepositions, in fact, there are too many to put on this page, so take the time to use the other lessons on this site to help you.

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  • Go ___ these stairs until you reach the top floor.

  • He was stopped by the police for driving ___ 120mph.

  • I'm going ___ Madrid next week.

  • We always listen to music ___ the way to work.

  • Take your purse ___ of your pocket and give it to me.

  • Are you talking ___ me?

  • She called me ___ midnight.

  • I'll see you ___ the morning.

  • What did you have ___ dinner?

  • He's the tallest man ___ the world.