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Learn English Words

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Another chance for you to learn some new, English words. All you have to do is, decide which word has the closet meaning to the key-word.

Link: Verb Tense Review


  • Error: "The computer says there is an error on this page."

  • Elated: "I was elated to hear that you are pregnant again."

  • Purchase: "We should purchase the tickets before we go."

  • Pupil: "He's the youngest pupil in the class,"

  • Grin: "Don't be sad. Give us a grin."

  • Gross: "I don't like mice. They're gross."

  • Remain: "Remain in your seat until I call you."

  • Leap: "The cat can leap onto the table from the floor."

  • Shriek: "She will shriek if she sees a spider."

  • Snooze: "I'll take a little snooze while we wait. Wake me if anything happens."