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Improve your vocabulary quiz

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Time to learn some new words!

Below you can see ten sentences. Choose the word which has the closest meaning to the key word in each sentence.

Make a note of any new words and try to use them in some sentences. You can use the 'comment' box to write your example sentences.

  • INTERESTED IN: 'I am interested in politics.'

  • WORRIED: 'I am worried about your father's health.'

  • THINKING ABOUT: 'She's thinking about becoming a lawyer.'

  • DANGEROUS: 'Driving during a storm can be dangerous.'

  • EASY: 'I found learning to swim easy.'

  • BORING: 'Watching TV all day is boring.'

  • SCARY: 'My friend thinks that clowns are scary.'

  • USEFUL:'The guidebook came in useful during our trip'.

  • SHOCKED: 'We were shocked to read about the bad news in the newspaper.'

  • HAPPY: 'They were happy to hear you are having a baby.'