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British English slang!

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Here are five British English words which are used in casual British English. They are all slang words that you will hear British people use in spoken English. Do not use them when you are writing and only use them when you are in an informal situation.

All Right? (alright?)

This is a popular greeting which means 'How are you?', 'Are you all right?' or 'Hello'. It is usual to respond by saying alright to the person who said it to you.


Not only is cheers used as a toast when we are drinking alcohol (like salut in Spanish or prost in German), but it is also used to mean thanks or even good-bye.

Fiver / Tenner

In Britain, the currency is the pound sterling (£). The five pound note is blue and called a fiver; the ten pound note is brown and called a tenner.


In many parts of Britain ta-ra means 'good-bye'.


Ta means 'thanks' in many parts of Britain.

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