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Bank English

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Using the phrase I'd like to, here are some phrases that will help you out in the bank:

I'd like to open an account, please.
How much is the interest rate for your savings account.
I'd like to deposit some money, please.
I'd like to withdraw some money please.
I' d like to transfer some money, please.
I'd like to exchange some money. What's today's the exchange rate? Do you charge commission?
I'd like to change some traveller's cheques, please.

Key words

(bank) account - (noun) an arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to.

interest rate - (noun) money that you earn from keeping your money in an account in a bank or other financial organization. It is also the extra money you must pay when you borrow money from a bank.

deposit - (verb) to put some money into the your bank account.

withdraw - (noun) to take some money out of your bank account.

transfer - (verb) to move money from one account to another. Possibly from person's account to another.

exchange - (verb) to change one country's money into another countries money. E.g. To change your US dollars into euro.

exchange rate - (noun) the rate at which the money of one country can be changed for the money of another country. E.g. 1 US dollar = .74 euro.

commission - (noun) a payment or charge taken by a bank for a service. Banks sometime charge a small fee for changing money for customers.

traveller's cheques - (noun) a safe way to carry money instead of cash when travelling. The cheque can be exchanged into cash at a bank.

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